Thursday, September 6, 2012

Have you Heard? – Sing me to Sleep Indie Lullabies

 Have you shaken your last silly out? Need some new family friendly music for rides around town with the kids? Our Have you Heard feature spot lights children’s music that will make kids and grown ups want to crank the volume up to eleven.

American Laundromat Records

Sing me to Sleep Indie Lullabies, is a melodic compilation of new and classic songs revisited and reamped for hipster kids and parents alike, by familiar artists. Jenny Owens Young covers the Red House Painters’ Have you Forgotten (with a kid friendly twist), Casey Mecija introduces the younger set to the Beatles while covering Dear Prudence. Songs by Neil Halstead, Stars, and Trespassers William are warm, and mellow, perfect for nap time, long car rides and chillaxing reading sessions at home.

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